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Historic Pensacola - Food For Thought timeline
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Gifts for Foodies

Need the perfect souvenir to take back after your vacation? Here are a few local food items you'll want room for in your suitcase:

esp seafood recipe book
Fiesta Seafood Cookbook

Re-create the true taste of Pensacola in your own kitchen with the best recipes from Pensacola's top chefs. This beautiful hardcover cookbook is packed with more than 200 recipes and is perfect for gift giving. Cookbook proceeds benefit the Escambia Utility Assistance Program. Order online at or by phone at (850) 474-5300. Books are $26.50, plus shipping and handling.

Good Grits: Southern Boy Cooks. After dining at the Fish House, take home this collection of Jim Shirley's recipes. Learn about Jim's tricks of the trade and many of our Southern traditions.

Pecans. Southerners are nuts about pecans. Stop by J.W. Renfroe Pecans for pecans by the pound or sweet treats such as pralines, chocolate-covered pecans and pecan pie.

Fresh seafood. Joe Patti's, one of the largest seafood markets in the Southeast, ships fresh seafood anywhere in the United States. Plus, you can also purchase Joe Patti's original sauces and seasonings to give your seafood supper a flavorful finish.

Sin in a Tin and Lemon Lust. Chef William Guthrie has created a decadent chocolate pate and refreshing lemon dessert sold in various locations in Pensacola including City Grocery, Apple Market and Joe Patti's. Delicious!

Food with Benefits

The Pensacola Bay Area has an abundance of fresh seafood from shrimp and scallops to mullet and mahi mahi. Indulge in our seafood specialties while benefiting your health.

  1. Low in fat-fish is lower in fat and cholesterol than other meats, helping you stay healthy and keeping the extra pounds off.
  2. Variety-diversity in your diet ensures you're getting the right nutrients you need. Every kind of fish is a different species, offering you a well-balanced diet.
  3. Heart Healthy-studies have shown that eating fish twice a week can benefit your heart, thanks to the Omega-3 fatty acids and low amounts of cholesterol.
  4. High in protein-one ounce of seafood has about 6 grams of protein.
  5. Simple-fish is easy to prepare and cook. Seafood tastes great with only a little bit of seasoning. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to cook.
  6. Vitamin-rich-shellfish such as crabs contain important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12 and zinc.

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