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Pensacola Chefs Bring Fresh, Local Flavor to NYC for Fourth Consecutive James Beard House Dinner

Pensacola Celebrity Chefs to cook at the James Beardhouse in New York.

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Pensacola Celebrity Chefs Welcome Home Reception at Jackson's Steakhouse, April 1

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On the Gulf Coast of Florida, culture and history come together to create a distinct local flavor. Southern traditions and a 450-year history influenced by Spain, France and England blend with the freshest produce and seafood for an extraordinary culinary experience. This special region has inspired acclaimed chefs Irv Miller, Jim Shirley, Gus Silivos, Frank Taylor and Dan Dunn to create such legendary dishes as the Grits a Ya Ya, Coastal Crab Cakes, Grouper Bianca, the Dano and seafood paella. The celebrity chefs invite visitors to treat their palates, and indulge in local flavors for an unforgettable experience, whether from their kitchens or at dozens of restaurants in the Pensacola Bay Area.

Irv Miller from Jackson's
Jim Shirley from Fish House
Gus Silivos from Skopelos
Dan Dunn from H2O
Frank Taylor from Global Grill
Irv Miller
Jim Shirley
Gus Silivos
Dan Dunn
Frank Taylor
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